Chamber Music Society


Marcus Thompson, Director


MIT Chamber Music Society may be taken for subject credit:  21M.445

The MIT Chamber Music Society, coordinated by Marcus Thompson, is comprised of students selected by audition to form small groups, study and perform classical chamber music repertoire, or arrangements for Jazz Combos or Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

Membership in Chamber Music Society is by audition at the start of each semester for new participants. Returning members must indicate interest by signing up for placement on the MTA website. All members are expected to meet the same standards for preparation, attendance, and performance whether studying for credit or not. 

The smallest groups rehearse independently and are coached in a one-hour session each week by MIT faculty and staff. Weekly coaching sessions are preparation for end-of-semester public performance. Pianists may be assigned to 21M.451 Studio Accompanying for Pianists. 



Classical Faculty

Marcus Thompson
Natalie Lin Douglas
Jean Rife
Eileen Huang

Jazz Faculty

Fred Harris - Coordinator
Keala Kaumeheiwa - Jazz Combos
Laura Grill Jaye - Vocal Jazz Ensemble


In light of the challenges posed by COVID-19 this year, Chamber Music Society will offer several format options for weekly rehearsals and coaching. Assigned groups will have the opportunity to decide which option to pursue based largely on their location and access to campus. Information about options for study in Jazz Combos and the Vocal Ensemble Options under 21M.445 may be found in links below. Options for Classical CMS groups include:

1. Weekly coaching in a Music classroom or hall for properly-spaced ensembles consisting of strings and/or piano. Faculty coaches may be in-person or remote for coaching, at their discretion.

2. Weekly coaching of groups of two, three, or four players (including winds and singers) who are remote from each other (either on and/or off campus) using real-time, low-latency technology. (Contingent on proper technical capabilities: See this helpful guide for an example of how this technology works)

3. Weekly coaching of groups remote from each other who compile multi-track recordings using DAW software such as BandLab, Audacity, GarageBand, etc. and submit periodic samples of their prepared work prior to coaching.

4. A study of Performance Issues, including comparative recordings, analysis, and cultural context, in conjunction with preparing multi-track recordings of studied repertoire.

Auditions for new members will take place via Zoom on Wednesday, August 12th. Please prepare two solo pieces of contrasting styles, as well as a short excerpt provided to you 24 hours prior to the audition.

Returning members do not need to audition, but are asked to attend a Zoom informational session on Monday, August 10that 8:00pm. Please use the link below to sign up for placement and receive a link to the info session.*

NOTE: Audition registrations are now closed for Fall 2020. Please check back in January for Spring auditions information.

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