Music History/Culture

Spyridon Antonopoulos (tenor) is a performer, choir director, and scholar whose research interests focus on medieval Byzantine chant, archaeoacoustics, and music and identity in the Greek-speaking world. Spiro is the founder and director of Psaltikon, a vocal ensemble specializing in medieval Byzantine chant and related secular repertories. He is Honorary Research Fellow at City, University of London, where he obtained his PhD in Musicology, writing a dissertation on the fifteenth century composer and theorist, Manuel Chrysaphes. While at City, he was awarded a University Studentship and the Mercer’s Company prize for academic excellence, in addition to grants from the Higher Education Innovation Fund and the AHRC. A regular member of Cappella Romana since 2010, he has appeared as tenor soloist in operas and recitals of classical music, in addition to performing with a variety of world music ensembles across the US and Europe. He has spoken at dozens of international academic conferences and has provided several original transcriptions of medieval chant for performances and recordings, including for two projects at the intersection of sound, space, and ritual in Byzantium: Stanford and Cappella Romana’s Icons of Sound, and UCLA/USC’s Soundscapes of Byzantium, for which he served as musical director. Spiro is currently Director of Solutions Architecture at Solidus Labs, a software startup focused on risk management in the digital assets industry.