Music Program Overview

The music program welcomes all enrolled MIT students, regardless of major, who wish to take subjects in music history/culture, composition/theory, and performance in the areas of classical, jazz, popular and world music.

Our curriculum is known for the fantastic variety of quality offerings to undergraduates at all levels of preparation and talent provided by a faculty and teaching staff comprised of distinguished award-winning composers, musicologists and performers.

Our vibrant performance offerings have options for vocalists and instrumentalists (in classical, jazz and world music) led by professional musicians.  They are open by audition to all MIT students (graduate and undergraduate) regardless of major on a for-credit or non-credit basis.

For students interested in private instruction, private lessons with Boston-area instructors is available through the Emerson Scholarship Program, which awards full-scholarships and half-scholarships by audition to current MIT students of outstanding achievement.

Students interested in the study of music history and culture can choose from a wide range of subjects that focus on classical, jazz, popular, and world music.  

At MIT it is possible to major (full, joint, or double), minor or concentrate in Music. The music curriculum is structured along three areas: History/Culture, Composition/Theory, and Performance.  Classical, jazz, popular, and world music subjects are available in these areas.  Over 700 students register for music subjects each semester.

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