Stellar Reviews of Ken Urban's West End Production of "A Guide for the Homesick"

The reviews and press for the West End production of A Guide for the Homesick by MTA Senior Lecturer Ken Urban are trickling in and they are off to a GREAT start.


“A gripping psychological thriller that manages to achieve an impact that some dramas fail to in three hours with ten times the cast. A masterclass”

- The Arts Desk  ★★★★☆


"A phenomenal play which leaves one questioning social injustices and the responsibilities of international interventions. Gripping and profound. A must see."

- North West End ★★★★★


"An affecting tale of love and loss. Hilarious and deeply emotional, utterly compelling and believable."

- Metro Entertainment ★★★★☆



“A Guide For The Homesick thrills both the nerve ends and the grey cells. It’s a masterpiece.”

- The Theatre Times ★★★★★


"This is a thrilling, highly entertaining and moving examination of males and sexuality in all its fascinating complexity. Don’t miss it."

- Attitude ★★★★☆

"A brilliant tour de force for the two actors"

- London Theatre Reviews 


"Over just 80 minutes, it builds towards something quite feverish and draining. In a good way."

- What's On Stage ★★★★☆


"The compelling portrayals and emotive storyline makes this a play not to miss."

- Psychologies ★★★★★



Listen to the interview with A Guide for the Homesick stars, Douglas Booth and Clifford Samuel

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