MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble

Marcus Miller, composer
Eric Ostling, arr.

MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble

Thelonious Monk
Jeff Friedman, arr.
April, 1981

MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble

Sig Ep
John Cale
Everett Longstreth, guest conductor
May, 2008

MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble

Portrait of Jenny
Russell Robinson & Gordon Burdge
Kenny Werner, arr.


MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble

Jamshied Sharifi
James O'Dell, guest conductor
April, 2005

MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble

Composed and conducted by Jamshied Sharifi
May, 1992

MIT Jazz Combo: Tombo in 7/4

Frederick Harris, Music Director
Spring 2012

MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble: Experience

Adrian Grossman, '14
Frederick Harris, Music Director
Spring 2012

MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble: Hermanos Latinos

Hermeto Pascoal
arr. by Guillermo Klein
Frederick Harris, Music Director
Fall 2011

Dylan Sherry '12, Adrian Grossman '14: Blackbird; Friday the 13th

John Lennon/Paul McCartney
Thelonius Monk
Dylan Sherry '12, saxophone
Adrian Grossman '14, electric bass

Peter Godart ’15: Monk's Dream

Thelonius Monk (1917–1982)
Peter Godart ’15, piano

MIT CMS Jazz Combo: El Ron

Alan Evans
Keala Kaumeheiwa, Coach
December 2, 2014

MIT Jazz Combo: Jump Skip

Robert McQueen
Keala Kaumeheiwa, coach

Nat Atnafu - Bass
David Garcia - Drums
Colleen Josephson - Baritone Saxophone
Anders Lee - Guitar
Rob McQueen - Piano

MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble: Blues and the Abstract Truth

Oliver Nelson
Frederick Harris, Music Director

MIT Jazz Combo: Nica's Dream

Horace Silver

MIT Jazz Combo: Rare

Adam Schwartz '10

MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble: Birk's Works

Dizzy Gillespie
Directed by Frederick Harris

MIT Jazz Choir and MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble: In Praise of MIT

Music and original lyrics by John B. Wilbur '22 
Music arranged by John Harbison, 2011 | Lyrics updated
Performed for the MIT150 celebrations

This great arrangement of MIT's unoffical official song, by Pulitzer Prize-winning MIT composer John Harbison, opens with a short, decorous phrase (a nod to the 1922 original) — then shifts into festive jazz.