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Adam Boyles, Director (

The MIT Symphony Orchestra holds auditions in both fall and spring. MIT and Wellesley students may take MITSO for 6 units of credit, but one need not take MITSO for credit to fully participate. All local students, MIT community members, and non-MIT community members are welcome to audition. 
For Spring 2022, auditions will be done in person on Feb 1. They will take place at 10-265.
- A solo of your choosing (concerto, etude, etc.) to be no longer than 3 minutes.
- 3-4 scales of the MD's choosing (to be chosen from all major, harmonic minor, natural minor, melodic minor, chromatic). You can perform them at your own pace, articulation, bowing, etc. provided it remains steady in tempo
- Short sight reading
The whole audition would be approximately 10-12 minutes. 
First MITSO rehearsal is Tuesday February 1, 7:30pm, Kresge Auditorium.
Please direct questions/concerns to MITSO Manager, Andy Wilds, at


Dr. Frederick Harris, Music Director (

Auditions for Spring 2022 participation in MIT Wind Ensemble are by appointment with Fred Harris, January 10-28. 
Additional times may be arranged on January 31 and February  1.  Contact Dr. Harris at to set up a time.

There are four parts to the audition:

1. Chromatic scale through your entire range.

2. Sight-reading.

3. Two short contrasting sections of any solo(s) or etude(s) of your choice that demonstrate your musicianship. Your choices should include passages that are slow and lyrical and ones that demonstrate your technical facility.  Percussionists, NOTE: For this portion of the audition you are encouraged (but not required) to play at least two of the three major percussion instruments (timpani, mallet instrument, snare drum). Timpani auditions will include basic tuning, snare drum auditions will include basic rudiments, and mallet auditions will include scales.

4. Prepare the posted pieces appropriate to your instrument here. You will be asked to play excerpts from Firefly by Ryan George. In some cases, you have choices as to which part to prepare (for example, horn 1 or horn 4). Percussionists, there are three excepts (Mallets, Timpani, Snare). Only prepare two of these; your choice as to which two.

The whole audition will be approximately 15 minutes. Flutists who would like to play piccolo should prepare the piccolo excerpt and oboists who would like to play English horn should prepare the English horn excerpt.

If you have any questions/concerns or need assistance with any facet of the audition, have questions about MITWE, need access to an instrument, etc., Dr. Fred Harris (




Dr. Frederick Harris, Music Director, MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble, and MIT Jazz Performance Coordinator (

*NOTE:  Auditions for the MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble, CMS Jazz Combos, and Emerson/Harris Jazz Program are all combined into one audition. Your interests in any or all of these opportunities are covered by ONE jazz audition.

Auditions for Spring 2022 participation in MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble, and CMS Jazz Combos are by appointment with Fred Harris, January 10-28. 
Additional times may be arranged on January 31 and February  1.  Contact Dr. Harris at to set up a time.

There are four parts to the audition, lasting approximately 15 minutes:  

1. Chromatic scale through your entire range.

2. Sight-reading. Rhythm Section players (Piano/Vibes/Guitar/Bass/Drums) **see note below

3. Two short stylistically contrasting pieces (a ballad and a swing/bebop composition for example). You are encouraged but not required to demonstrate your improvisational ability. Please provide your own recorded accompaniments if possible. If you need playback equipment for recorded accompaniments, please note this request in your audition form and describe what exactly you need.

4. Prepare the posted piece, Oyelo, appropriate to your instrument here.  You will be asked to play excerpts from this piece. In some cases, you have choices as to which part to prepare (trumpet 1 or 2, trombone 1 or 3, etc.).  

If you have any questions/concerns or need assistance with any facet of the audition, or have questions about MIT FJE, or need access to an instrument, etc., contact Dr. Harris anytime (

*Note: students who register for an audition will be given access to the 4-260 practice room suite during the week leading up to auditions. You will receive an email from the Events Office with more information at that time.

** Note for Rhythm Section players:

Piano/Vibes/Guitar:  Sight-reading of basic chord changes will be part of your audition.  Guitar and bass players should provide their own amps. If that is not possible, please inform the Events Office in advance of your audition day.

Bass:  Sight-reading of basic swing and funk/Latin charts and chord changes will be part of your audition.

Drum Set:  Sight-reading of basic swing and Latin/funk charts and performance of four/eight bars of time followed by four/eight bars of soloing in both swing and funk/Latin styles at a medium tempo will be part of our audition.




William Cutter, Director (

Interested singers should attend the first rehearsal on Monday, January 31st at 7pm in 26-100. During the first 45 minutes of this meeting we will all learn an excerpt from the choral music we’ll be performing.  This excerpt will be used as the audition music and you will be asked to sing it in an octet. Please register to audition using the link below (returning Choir members do not need to audition).

Register for Audition Here



William Cutter, Director (

Solo auditions will be held during the first class meeting on Tuesday, February 1st from 9:00am - 11:00am in Killian Hall. 

Audition Requirements for New Members: One solo art song, folk song, or musical theater piece with piano accompaniment. (Pianist is provided). You will also be asked to sight read.

Returning Members do not need to sing, but will do a short acting audition.

All interested singers (including returning Chamber Chorus members) must register for a 5-minute audition time slot using the link below:

New Members Register to Audition Here

Returning Members Register for Audition Here




Directed by Lamine Touré ( with the faculty advisor, Patricia Tang ( Drums provided; no previous drumming experience necessary. 

New members should register for 21M.460 and attend the first class meeting on Monday, January 31st at 7pm in N52-199.

Returning members need not re-audition.  Questions please email -



There is no formal audition for Gamelan Galak Tika. For participation information, complete the INTEREST FORM and a member of the MTA Events Office will reach out with more information prior to the start of the semester.



Marcus Thompson, Director (, Natalie Lin Douglas (, Co-Director

A required meeting for new and returning students will take place at 7pm on Monday, January 24, 2022 in Killian Hall. Auditions for NEW members will begin immediately after the meeting (7:20pm), also in Killian Hall. Students who participated last semester need not audition, but at least one member of each pre-existing group is required to meet with the CMS faculty in Killian at 7pm on Monday, January 24th. Returning members must also fill out the form below.

Audition Requirements: Two solo pieces of contrasting styles and a prepared excerpt that will be provided a day before the audition.

Audition registrations will close on Friday, January 21, 2022 at 12pm. Please use the links below to sign up before then.

New Members: Auditions are currently closed for Spring '22

Returning Members: Auditions are currently closed for Spring '22

Read answers to MIT CMS FAQs Here



Laura Grill-Jaye, Coach (

Auditions for new members only will take place on Wednesday, January 26th from 11am to 1pm in Killian Hall. Please email Laura Grill Jaye to set up a time. Returning members do not need to re-audition.

Students are expected to prepare two songs of contrasting styles.  One song must be "Smile" by Chaplin/Parsons/Turner.  Many people have recorded this song, but Nat King Cole's version is easy to find online if you're learning by ear.  The second song can be from any genre and should showcase your voice. 



Ian Hattwick, Director (

Admission to the ensemble is by approval of the director following the first day of class, no audition required. The first day of class is Tuesday, February 1st from 3:30-5pm in W16-RRA.



Please see the Emerson/Harris Program page for complete audition information. 

*Please note that auditions for Emerson/Harris are only available in the fall. 


Note: If the form says there are no available dates, try clicking on "Choose Appointment" at the top of the page.