Theater Arts Minor




The Minor in Theater Arts is designed to give students the opportunity to engage in advanced study of Theater Arts and to experiment broadly in the making of theater. The flexibility of the minor allows students either to explore several theatrical disciplines such as playwriting, acting, directing, or design or to concentrate more deeply in one. MIT's registrar maintains the official requirements for the Minor on their website. Students choose one course from a core group of foundational classes, followed by another five elective courses selected in consultation with the minor advisor to complete a minimum of 69 units within Theater Arts.

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To Minor in Theater Arts, students must complete...

Required Subjects

Select one of the following: 12
21M.600 Introduction to Acting
21M.603 Fundamentals of Theater Design
21M.604[J] Playwriting Fundamentals
21M.623 Physical Improvisation: Bodies in Motion
21M.710 Script Analysis
21M.840 Performance Media
Restricted Electives
In conjunction with the minor advisor, students select a coherent program of Theater Arts subjects. 57-60
Total Units 69-72

See the Theater Arts subject listing for a list of available subjects. 

The Minor Advisor is Assistant Professor Sara Brown.