Music and Theater Arts invites students to explore these disciplines as artistic practices and as cultural, intellectual and personal avenues of inquiry and discovery.  Students may pursue concentrations, minors or majors in either Music or Theater, as well as joint majors with Engineering or Science.

The Music program develops students’ creativity, talent, research ability and aesthetic sensibility through performance, composition, history, culture, technology and analysis.  The understanding of the various facets of music is cultivated through both the making and the study of music, in close contact with professors, performers, conductors, coaches and scholars. The scope of musical investigation and experience incorporates classical, vernacular, and experimental traditions from a wide range eras and cultures, western and non-western.

Classes are tailored to the prior experiences of students who take them, from introductory classes assuming no previous background to advanced seminars, private lessons and performance opportunities for musicians ready to work at near professional levels. The program integrates and deepens connections between music and technology, science, society and other humanities disciplines, creating an experience that is intensely rich and uniquely MIT.