Ways to Give


MIT Capital Campaign Priorities:

Science and Art in Concert


Music and Theater Facilities Fund

To continue to provide a performing arts experience of the caliber that MIT is known for, we are in pursuit of dedicated teaching, practice, audio/video recording and performance facilities for students and faculty. It is our vision to build a second-to-none, state of the art performing arts facility, worthy of MIT, of our students, faculty and guest artists.

Emerson Scholarship Fund

One of the jewels of the Music Section has been the Emerson Program for Private Instruction. The most talented music students at MIT are selected and admitted by audition to receive scholarships that afford them private instruction on their instrument or voice with Boston area master teachers. For a sampler CD of performances by students in this program, please contact us.

Artists in Residence Fund

The artists-in-residence is a prestigious relationship and affiliation for both the artist and the institution. Many colleges and universities across the country have established endowed artists in residence programs for long-term residencies.

The music and theater arts section seeks the benefits of a long-term artists-in-residence program that would offer the following activities each semester:

  • public performance collaborations with Music and Theater Arts faculty
  • performances of works by MIT composers
  • in-class, lecture demonstrations
  • master classes, workshops and coaching
  • readings/recording of student work
  • rehearsals with students of current work
  • informal meetings/interaction with students

A well-integrated long -term artists-in-residence program contributes to the academic program in multiple ways and reaches large numbers of students beyond those enrolled in the music and theater arts programs. It contributes to the enrichment of the entire MIT community.

Piano Fund

Fund for the purchase and repair of pianos for the classrooms and practice rooms.

Touring and Collaborations

In the context of a global reality, our hope is to establish an endowed fund for special initiatives to make possible travel, touring, collaborations and other projects, rich in interdisciplinary, intercultural and interpersonal growth opportunities for MIT students.


The creation of new work and the expansion of the literature is part of our responsibility as educators and proponents of music and theater arts.   

Audio and Video Recordings

This fund facilitates the production of audio and video recordings of student and faculty work. The cost of audio and video production is high and our operating budgets do not cover such expenditures.

For information regarding giving opportunities, please contact Anne Marie Michel, ammichel@mit.edu.