Natalie Lin Douglas, Mi-Eun Kim, Jean Rife, and Marcus Thompson, Coordinators & Coaches


MIT Chamber Music Society may be taken for subject credit:  21M.445

The MIT Chamber Music Society is comprised of students selected by audition to form small groups, study and perform classical chamber music repertoire, or arrangements for MIT CMS Jazz Combos or MIT Vocal Jazz Ensemble*.

Membership in Chamber Music Society is by audition at the start of each semester for new participants. Returning members must indicate interest by signing up for placement on the MTA website. All members are expected to meet the same standards for preparation, attendance, and performance whether studying for credit or not. 

The smallest groups rehearse independently and are coached in a one-hour session each week by MIT faculty and staff. Weekly coaching sessions are preparation for end-of-semester public performance. Pianists may be assigned to 21M.451 Collaborative Piano. 

*See the MIT VJE and MIT CMS Jazz Combos Pages for more information

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Classical Faculty

Natalie Lin Douglas,
Mi-Eun Kim,
Marcus Thompson,
Jean Rife,



A required meeting for new and returning students will take place at 5:30pm on Monday, January 30th in Killian Hall. Auditions for NEW members will begin immediately after the meeting (6pm), also in Killian Hall. Students who participated in Fall 2022 need not audition, but are still required to attend the 5:30pm meeting with the CMS faculty to discuss pre-formed groups, repertoire preferences, etc. Returning members must also fill out the form below.

*For Collaborative Piano applicants: Starting in Spring 2023, all new pianists, instrumentalists and non-E/HP singers interested in joining the Collab piano course must audition at the CMS audition.*

Audition Requirements: Two solo pieces of contrasting styles and a prepared excerpt that will be provided a day before the audition. Each audition will last approximately 6 minutes.

Audition registrations will close on Monday, January 30th at 9am. Please use the links below to sign up before then.

New Members: Please Sign Up Here

Returning Members: Please Sign Up Here

*For MIT CMS Jazz audition opportunities, see the  MIT CMS Jazz Combos or MIT Vocal Jazz Ensemble pages.


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