Music Technology Minor

The Minor in Music Technology gives students the opportunity to learn about important techniques and methodologies applied to music using technology, computation, and engineering. Minors take additional subjects to broaden their understanding of music through theory, history/culture, and/or performance.

72 Units typically in 6–7 subjects      

Music Theory*                                                                                                   12
Music Scholarship and Performance                                                                 12
Select 12 units from History and Culture OR Music Performance
     History and Culture
     21M.200-21M.299, 21M.120, 21M.128, and 21M.129
     Music Performance

     21M.400–499, except 21M.470

Music Technology Foundations                                                                         24
Select 24 units from:
     21M.080 or 21M.360–399 or 21M.470 or 21M.731
Advanced Music Technology**                                                                         12
Select 12 units from:
     21M.381–389 (currently 21M.383, 21M.385, 21M.387)
Restricted Electives                                                                                          12
Select 12 units from 21M.000–599
Total Units                                                                                                        72


*Students who enter with a background that allows them to place out of Music Theory (21M.301) will instead take 24 units of Music Scholarship and Performance, 12 units from History and Culture AND 12 units from Music Performance. Students needing preparation for 21M.301 should take 12 units of 21M.051 (Fundamentals of Music) or 6 units of 21M.150 or 21M.151 (Introductory Music Theory) as part of their “Restricted Electives.”

** Subjects have prerequisites outside of the minor.

The Music Technology Minor Advisor is Eran Egozy