Music Concentration


A Humanities concentration in music requires four subjects.

Students with little or no prior musical experience may start with one or more of our introductory subjects:

  • Introduction to Western Music (CI-H) - 21M.011
  • Introduction to World Music (CI-H) - 21M.030
  • Fundamentals of Music - 21M.051

Students with some musical training are encouraged to begin at whatever level is appropriate to their experience. One of the four subjects may be a performance subject (21M.400-21M.499), which is by audition only, and must be taken for two semesters in order to count as one concentration subject. See the Music Subjects section of the course bulletin for further information on these intermediate and advanced subjects.


HASS Requirement and Communication Intensive HASS (CI-H) Subjects

Most 9- or 12-unit Music subjects can be counted towards the Distribution Component of the HASS Requirement as HASS Arts subjects.  Two 6-unit performance subjects can also be combined to count towards the HASS Arts requirement.  The following classes also fulfill the Communication Requirement as CI-H subjects:

21M.011        Introduction to Western Music (HASS Arts) (CI-H)
21M.013J      The Supernatural in Music, Literature and Culture (HASS Arts) (CI-H)
21M.030        Introduction to World Music (HASS Arts) (CI-H)
21M.223J      Folk Music of the British Isles and North America (HASS Arts) (CI-H)

The Concentration Advisors are Leslie Tilley, (Last name: A-H), Charles Shadle, (Last name: I-P) and Mark Harvey, (Last name: Q-Z). 

For further information, contact the concentration advisors.