Music Minor


The Minor in Music requires six subjects that will give students experience within the three main branches of music: history/culture, composition/ theory, and performance. 

Tier I Introduction                                                                                                    0-24
Select up to two subjects from 21M.001—099 
Tier II Breadth                                                                                                            36

36 units with 12 units each from the following categories:

History/Culture: 21M.120, 128, 129, 201—299

Composition/Theory: 21M.301*
Performance (12 units): 21M.401—499
Tier III Specialty                                                                                                     12-36
Select up to 36 additional units from the following:
History/Culture: 21M.120, 128, 129, 201—299 
Composition/Theory: 21M.138, 139, 158, 159, 302—399 
Performance (No more than 24 units may count toward Tier 3): 21M.401—499 
Advanced Seminar in Music: 21M.500 
Total Units                                                                                                           72


*Students who enter with additional training in music theory should take 21M.302 or an upper-level course as a substitute for 301.

For further information, contact the Minor Advisor, Miguel Zenon,