Bachelor of Science in Theater Arts



The Major in Theater Arts is comprised of a broad foundation of theoretical and practical studies with intensive performance and design practica. Students complete a set of designated elective subjects, two of which satisfy the CI-M requirement. A capstone thesis with a pre-thesis tutorial is an optional component of the major. This course of study prepares students to enter the field or pursue graduate studies in theater or performance studies. Before declaring the major, students are required to demonstrate proficiency in theater arts fundamentals and have experience participating in a performance. Consultation with the major advisor in Theater Arts is required no later than the first term of the junior year.

Students chose three courses from a core group of foundational classes and another seven elective courses selected in consultation with the minor advisor to complete a minimum of 186 units within Theater Arts. MIT's registrar maintains the official requirements for the Course 21M-2 Degree on their website.

Qualified students may, with departmental approval, may complete a thesis and pre-thesis as a part of their major. 

No subject can be counted both as part of the 17-subject GIRs and as part of the 180 units required beyond the GIRs. Every subject in the student’s departmental program will count toward one or the other, but not both.

Please note, only one subject used to meet the distribution element of the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Requirement may be counted toward the arts component of these degree programs.

For an explanation of credit units, or hours, please refer to the online help in the MIT Subject Listing & Schedule,

The Major Advisor is Associate Professor Sara Brown.