April 2015  

Magali Souriau, Cendrillon


April 2015             

John Harbison, Never Time, for Ran Blake


April 2013             

Chick Corea, From Forever, Suite for Big Band


April 2012          

John Harbison, I’m Through, Round the Bend, The Moon is Down, Yehudi Wyner


April 2011     

John Harbison, arr. of “In Praise of MIT” (by John Wilbur)


May 2010    

Jamshied Sharifi, The Darkening


May 2009    

Guillermo Klein, Agua (Para Mantener), A los que estan


November 2008  

Mark Harvey, Spacings


May 2008  

Jamshied Sharifi, The Calling for jazz ensemble and orchestra


March 2007  

Magali Souriau, The Lady with the Hat


April 2004   

Mark Harvey, G-Whizz


April 2005   

Jamshied Sharifi, The Quiet Words of the Wise


March 2003  

Mark Harvey, Big Elephant Brass Band


May 2002   

Mark Harvey, Saxophrenia


November 2002 

Magali Souriau, Them


December 2001

Magali Souriau, Knom


December 2001

Alon Nechushtan, Frost and Fire


May 2001   

George Schuller, Ripe


March 2001  

Guillermo Klein, Impacto Gaudi for jazz ensemble and orchestra


December 2000 

Mark Harvey, Flex


April 2000  

Magali Souriau, The Tale of the Skyswimmer


March 2000  

Mark Harvey, Jubilees