MIT Laptop Ensemble

Ian Hattwick, Director

MIT Laptop Ensemble may be taken for credit: 21M.470

The MIT Laptop Ensemble is a forum for the exploration of emerging digital musical practices, giving ensemble members hands-on experience with a variety of techniques for composing and performing electronic music. Concerts by the ensemble include repertoire drawn from historical electronic and computer music compositions, as well as new compositions by invited composers and ensemble members. Weekly rehearsals focus on concepts drawn from a variety of 20th- and 21st-century practices, including the use of gestural controllers, live coding, interactive music systems, experimental and improvised music, telematic performance, and multimedia performance. No previous experience required.



Wednesdays from 7-10pm in Voxel Lab



May 2nd, 2024 - 8pm - Killian Hall



Admission to the ensemble is by approval of the director following the first day of class, no audition required. The first day of class is Tuesday, February 6th from 3:30-5pm in the Voxel Lab (E38 3rd Floor).

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