Chamber Music Society Jazz Combos Concert

December 03, 2019 | 07:30 pm
Free & Open to the Public


Combo I: Compositions and arrangements by Bryan Burgos, Charles Mingus arr. by River Grace, Keith Mokry, and Robert Henning

Combo II: Compositions and arrangements by Ian Clester, Chick Corea, John Scofield, Zach Zumbo

Combo III: Compositions and arrangements by Chick Corea, Zoe Levitt, Horace Silver

MIT Chamber Music Society
Jazz Combos:

Adam Potter ‘22, trumpet
Alex Hoffman, alto sax
Alex Mijailovic G, guitar
Eric Stewart G, bass
Ian Clester ‘19, guitar
Julian Yocum ‘23, piano
Magnus Johnson ‘21, violin
Simon Alford    ‘20, piano
Trevor Ewald ‘20, tenor sax
Zach Zumbo G, drums
Miles Johnson ‘21, tenor sax
Dennis Miaw G, guitar
Josh Talbot ‘21, bass
Mike Jiang G, piano
Nick Watters G, piano
Shravan Nageswaran G, drums
Steven Meisler G, vibes
Zoe Levitt ‘21, mandolin
Bryan Burgos ‘21, piano
Elise Brown, Guitar
Keith Mokry ‘22, tenor sax
Marek Subernat G, bass
River Grace ‘21, piano
Robert Henning ‘20, alto sax
Shravan Nageswaran G, drums