MIT Laptop Ensemble Concert

December 01, 2020 | 09:00 pm
Free & Open to the Public

Join FaMLE in an online concert featuring live coding of music and visuals! Live coding is an emerging musical practice in which performers generate sound and visuals by writing and executing code in real-time. The web-based environments we will be using, Estuary and kilobeat, express musical concepts of form and sound through textual expressions which can be manipulated in myriad ways. For kilobeat we will be joined by guest composer, kilobeat developer, and FaMLE alum Ian Clester. The results will span the gamut from minimal dance music to pulsating planes of sound.


About FaMLE:

FaMLE, the MIT Laptop Ensemble, is a living laboratory examining how new digital technologies are shaping musical performance. Using laptop computers as our primary canvas, we look into how our digital lives suggest new opportunities for musical collaboration and exploration. Musically omnivorous, FaMLE can sound like electronic Debussy, Romulan synthpop, a luminous treefrog city, or anything in-between. Using new digital musical instruments and unorthodox performance techniques, a FaMLE concert provides a window into the future of live music.

FaMLE Fall 2020:
Grace Smith
Julian Hamelberg
Qiantan Hong
Ruben Merenfeld

directed by Ian Hattwick