MTA Playwrights Lab

Thursday, Jan 01, 1970 - 02:00am
345 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA
Free and open to the public
Reservations not required

The MTA Playwrights Lab is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between MIT students and professional theatre artists. The Lab is a weekend-long festival of staged readings featuring the work of the eight writers in the Playwrights’ Workshop (21M.785) taught by Senior Lecturer Ken Urban.


Day 1: Thursday 4/5 

Opening Reception @ 7pm

Program A @ 8pm

The Courting at Roya by Alaisha Alexander ‘18
Directed by LA Williams
With Cody Sloan, Jordan Clark, Marianna Bassham, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, and Ayomide Fatunde ('18).

Fireproof by Fatima Husain (Grad)
Directed by Marti Lyons
With Adrianne Krstansky, Nael Nacer, Peter Duerst ('18), and Dan Pecci.

Day 2: Friday 4/6

“Text as Blueprint” Workshop @ 12noon
with Director Marti Lyons
To signup for this workshop, go to

Program B @ 8pm

Sand by Kollin Wasserlein ‘19
Directed by Adam Greenfield
With Marge Buckley, Sarah Bedard, and Robert Thorpe ('18).

Tactless by Rachel Yang ‘18
Directed by LA Williams
With Jordan Clark, Marianna Bassham, Matthew J Harris, and Tal Scully ('18).

Day 3: Saturday 4/7

Program C @ 2pm

Ants by Ayomide Fatunde ‘18
Directed by Adam Greenfield
With Brandon Green, Elle Borders, Kadahj Bennett, Kollin Wasserlein ('19), and Alaisha Alexander ('18).

90 Seconds by Crystal Chang ‘20
Directed by LA Williams
With Sy Lee, Johnny Hager, Jordan Clark, Tal Scully ('18), and Amanda Fike ('19).

Program D @ 8pm

Untitled by Amanda Fike ‘19
Directed by Adam Greenfield
With Brooks Reeves, Cody Sloan, Jackie Davis, and Rachel Yang ('18).

Ideal by Alana Lidawer ‘18
Directed by Marti Lyons
With Dan Pecci, Michael Hisamoto, Sarah Bedard, and Johnny Hager.

The MTA Playwrights Lab is Funded by the Council for the Arts at MIT, and Music and Theater Arts at MIT.



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