Theater Performance & Design Week

Tuesday, May 7 - Thursday, May 16th (M-F, 10am - 5pm)
Free & Open to the Public

Monday - Friday, OPEN during business hours

An exhibition of student design work and student performances.

Opening Reception: Tuesday, May 7 from 5:00pm - 6:00pm in W97

Work by students in:
    21M. 601 / Drawing for Designers
    21M. 732 / Costume Design
    21M. 733 / Set Design

21M. 862 / Choreographed Performance Lab: Practical Dance Theater  
    (May 14 , 3-5pm in W97-160)
21M. 846 / Live Cinema Performance presents Brechts’ “In the Jungle of Cities”
    (May 17, 7pm in W97 Theater)

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