Evan Ziporyn new solo album, Big Ears Festival, long-lost Philip Glass work

MTA Professor Evan Ziporyn releases POP CHANNEL, on March 4, 2022 - his first 'solo' clarinet in two decades. Ziporyn takes us through 12 iconic pop songs from the last 5 decades, imagined through a compendium of clarinets. Every sound on this album – lead vocals, guitar solos, backing horns, even drum fills – was arranged, layered, and performed by Ziporyn, on a clarinet of one size or another. He’ll debut the album live on 3/27/2022 at Knoxville’s Big Ears Festival, also Philip Glass’ long-lost Best Out of Three, a 1968 work for 3 clarinets in its first performance in 54 years.


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