LROD, a recognized unorthodox choreographic designer, creative, and director from El Paso, TX. Known for facilitating strategies of radical tenderness to provoke, disrupt, and challenge methods and lineages of practice and process. As a multi-hyphenate professional across various fields, LROD's expertise encompasses research in body-based pedagogies and technologies for daydreaming, surrealism, borderland performance, and sci-fi.

As a facilitator, LROD values engaging with students individually, while simultaneously scaffolding curriculum to support everyone’s research interests. LROD facilitates courses with adaptive, liberatory, and multi-modal pedagogies. LROD supports co-creating a warmly electric environment with diverse ease, communication, and transparency for everyone to be seen, heard, and recognized. Students who take courses with LROD are often found to have expressive outbursts, return to daydreaming, amplify their creativity and play, and when needed, they mobilize together in the name of art.

LROD has been invited to the Joyce Theater, NYU/Steinhardt, BrownMetaLab, and Jacob’s Pillow to present on advocacy, pedagogy, and technology with movement-based practices. The company LROD began in 2014 continues to perform and co-create across the US, Canada, and MX. LROD received an MFA from The Ohio State University in Dance and Intermedia with a Minor in Latinx Studies. LROD received a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in the Professional Dancers Program. For the past four years, LROD has been at Harvard University cultivating embodied curriculums with students, faculty, and the greater communities, positions included are Lecturer, Artistic Director, Affiliate Faculty, and Interim Head of Dance. LROD is a former core member of the international company, La Pocha Nostra with Guillermo & Balitronica Gómez Peña. Currently, LROD is a core artist for the international platform, Livable Futures.


LROD’s select portfolio