Theater Arts 2024 Spring Production, "Plum Box—Strange—Ideal & More Than…" is a physical and visceral performance project directed by Daniel Irizarry.


¡Abrazos y que viva el Teatro! 


In the Theater Arts 2024 Spring Production, "Plum Box—Strange—Ideal & More Than…" 

4 actors, 8 musicians, and 1 soprano perform 10 poems by South Korean avant-garde artist Yi Sang. 

Come witness this physical, visceral, theatrical extravaganza with live music, a rabbit, snails, milk, bananas, and much more! Directed by Daniel Irizarry.

"Plum Box—Strange—Ideal & More Than…" is a beautifully diverse, eclectic, and multi-disciplinary collaboration between MIT, Harvard, Berklee, and Emerson College students. 

Our performance explores the writings of a physicist turned poet, with original music composed by Woody Pak. What’s with the giant snail?? Come & find out!



Performances: April 25, 26, 27 @8pm at W97 Black Box

Free and Open to Public