In Solidarity


Music and Theater Arts at MIT stands in solidarity with all those across the globe seeking justice for the countless individuals who have lost their lives at the hands of state-sanctioned violence. Our program acknowledges the tragic persistence of racism and injustice in the United States, and we support and amplify the musicians and theater makers working to make a more just, more kind world possible.



March 22, 2021

In solidarity with those in Atlanta, San Francisco and all those across the globe seeking justice for the AAPI community.

Guide to responding to racism toward Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic, published by the Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance project.


June 3, 2020

In solidarity with those in Minneapolis, Boston, New York and all those across the globe seeking justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor



MIT Music and Theater Arts is united in our pursuit of artistic, intellectual, creative and technical excellence; this requires intense focus and dedication by all members of our community.  We value diversity and practice inclusion with regard to identities, backgrounds, opinions and beliefs. Because we see our students as whole people, we prioritize their mental, emotional and physical health above the quality of their work. This ethos extends to both our advisory and pedagogical relationships.  Diversity, wellness and inclusion are likewise central to our curriculum and hiring; we are therefore committed to recruiting a diverse faculty and staff to enhance the educational experience of the students we serve.